What in the bleep is Customer Service?

We are in the middle of a economic shift. Over the past few decades the emphasis on customer service has declined as conglomerates have strong footholds in their industries. Large organizations have been able to offer unmatched prices and technology leaving many customers to accept less than adequate customer service.

 Times are changing. With the information age upon us, customers can share their experiences and pull up additional vendor options in seconds. Technologies are getting cheaper. Entrepreneurs are waking up to new oceans of information that assist in the improvement of the individual AND the institution.

 So what does this all mean?

 As a consumer, this means that your product experiences will become more pleasing with an increase in automated and manual customer service.

As a business owner, you better step your game up. You know the old saying   “A satisfied customer will tell 2-3 friends, a disatisfied customer will tell 10”, with Yelp, Facebook, and social platforms don’t be suprised if a disgruntled customer does a YouTube video and pushes it to go viral.

So what is customer service?

 Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. YES, during and after. The follow-up is not just a part of the sales process, it is a key component to customer service.

 It plays a vital role in an organizations ability to generate income and revenue. One good experience with a customer or prospect can forever alter their perception towards your organization.

Here are 5 ways to provide excellent customer service.

1. Be polite. Regardless of your customer’s tone or your opinion of their disposition. Use positive language and stay cheerful.

2. Know your product. Know your company. In today’s market it’s more and more important to sell your client on customer experience, otherwise they can hop online or drive a couple of miles to pick up a similar product.

3. Communicate in a clear and concise manner. It’s the new millenia. The bullshitter gets away with less and less as the days march on. Know your position and convey your message with integrity.

4. Cater to your customers. This is where your work ethic will shine through. Be a solutionist – someone that will see a problem through its resolution.

5. Do what you said you would do and admit your mistakes. Being timely and following through will build trust and hopefully a customer for life.


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