Six Things to Know When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a major decision and you should be prepared before you start. There are a variety of reasons you may be selling your home, but the goal is the same: how can sell my home quickly, efficiently, and get the most cash?

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1. The first things to look at for a single-family remodel are the condition of the roof, foundation, and the HVAC.

2. The market changes rapidly, if you choose to hire an agent be sure they are educated on the real estate investing industry and can provide facts or supporting documentation regarding the value of your property.


3. Investors, developers, and builders can drastically reduce risk by knowing their local zoning laws & neighborhood ordinances.

4. Homeowners can negotiate any and all terms of a real estate contract including price, closing date, option period, leasebacks, who pays for survey, who pays for title policy, commissions etc etc

5. If a homeowner is facing possible foreclosure, selling to a cash buyer could be the best option.

6. When it comes to selling a property or selling your home, providing a survey, inspection reports, appraisals, and title policy can often expedite the process.


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