Real Estate Investing – Exterior Home Assesment


How to assess a remodel as a real estate investor.

In the case with the first house, the property owner has ran out of money and cannot finish out the project. To make the most out of your Austin real estate investment she is looking to sell AS-IS to a cash buyer.

As a home buyer you want to look for slopes in the roof, cracks in the slab, water damage, and overall quality and condition of the exterior of the house. If the AC is visible see how old the HVAC system looks. Real estate investing is fun but you should be thorough with your due diligence.

Major repairs for home owners or real estate investors are roof, HVAC, foundation, and updating. A house can be in great condition but if it needs updating, then repairs can add up quickly.

What does it take to get this property ready to sell?

3rd Angle Homes is a real estate investment company that acquires and sells residential properties and vacant land. We offer property owners exit strategies that are not restricted by bank regulations and/or inflated with fees.

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